He Is Risen!

Happy Easter!  I hope you had the most glorious day!  We traveled to the beach to be with my family and had a fabulous time.

Although the older we get, Easter morning still remains just as chaotic.  On Easter Eve, my mom announces that we’re pulling out of the house at 8:20 am to get to our 9:00 service (we live four minutes away, but our family is so big, we now require an entire row).

I don’t know how my parents ever got their five children to church, but especially on Easter Sunday…there were dresses, tights, hats, and fresh flowers for the cross at the altar.  My parents were rockstars!

But even now that we can all dress ourselves, when four daughters, three husbands, two babies, a cousin, a college friend, and an extra dog descend on my parent’s empty nest, craziness ensues.

Dresses are tried on and tossed about, shoes fly and flail through the hallways, my mom’s curlers, straightener, and jewelry are ransacked and clouds of hairspray and perfume fill the air.  The clock continues to tick and we hurry and scurry to get out the door.  By the time we’re out the door, the kitchen looks like a bomb went off…coffee cups, cereal bowls, half eaten muffins, and cookie crumbs line the counters.

Yesterday, as my dad headed out early to jam in the worship band (I told you he was a rockstar), he announced that his beloved hunting dog Zeke was missing.  Sound the alarms!

So as if hurrying and scurrying around to get out the door wasn’t enough, we’re now looking in every corner of the house and yard for this stupid dog.  B and Marshall patrol the neighborhood, and I’m walking around the driveway yelling for Zeke.

In the midst of the dog commotion, we have more commotion in the kitchen…my parent’s dog Zoe decided to give two-year-old Louisa a big slobbery Easter “kiss” and slobbered all over her beautiful pink Easter dress.  Tears ensued and she begged to change.  I don’t know who was in charge of damage control, but by the time I got there, I picked her up in her original dress and she said sweetly, “Don’t worry, Zoe just gave me some kisses.”  What a resilient little trooper!    

The clan piled out, still no dog in sight.  B and I were told to stay behind and be on Zeke duty.  B continued to drive around and I was yelling like a fool praying this stupid dog would return.  At 8:51, B rolled into the driveway with my father’s beloved dog in hand.  It was as Easter miracle–Zeke had returned!  Additionally, B had just won MAJOR father-in-law points!

We put all the dogs in the house and rushed into the car.  It was the first time I had taken a breath since I had woken up at 7:00am.  We hurried to church and paused when we saw this in our neighbor’s yard:

He is Risen!

I exhaled and was instantly filled with joy and anticipation at seeing their traditional Easter Egg heralding Christ’s resurrection annually on Easter Sunday.  He is Risen!  Why do we do any of this?  Because He. Is. Risen. And that is something totally worth celebrating and rejoicing!  Jesus conquered death.

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here; he has risen!”  
Luke 24:5-6

Thank You for the cross!

PS: I so enjoyed catching up on my “Easter posts” this morning and particularly enjoyed this post from Beth Moore and this one from Nina Simone.  


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