Happy Brithday!

Lisa Nelson Robertson, Dancing Her Way Through Life For Over Fifty Years! 

First things first today on March 9, 2011:  Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!!  Lisa Nelson Robertson is truly one of a kind.  Wife to 1, mother to 5, and grandmother “Lili” to 1.5; Little Lisa wins hearts wherever she goes.  While many women may start to slow down as they begin to approach their “grandmother years” (though grandmother years have never been more hip, fresh, and young), my sweet mom is just getting started–serving, loving, praying, dreaming big, and saying “yes” to what God has to her.

A word of caution, if you ever happen to find yourself on a power walk with said birthday girl and she casually says, “I have an idea…”  Just. Say. No.  Many a woman has fallen prey to my sweet mom and her fabulous ideas while strolling the loop of our neighborhood.  It’s going to be great, but it’s also may take a little work.

There are many things I love about my mom, but I would have to say one of my favorites, is how each morning, no matter what kept her up the night before, she wakes up, grabs her coffee, and meets with God.  Her faith and passion for God is an inspiration to so many.   

So, Happy, Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you!

BUT not only is today my mom’s birthday, today happens to mark the first day of Lent.  In the Christian calendar, Lent marks the period leading up to Easter.  Traditionally, it’s a way to reflect, repent, and prepare ourselves for remembering Christ’s sacrifice, death, and resurrection.

Some of you may remember that three years ago, when we started this blog, it began as a forty day challenge to simply pray each day, “Lord, more than anything else, I deeply desire to love you…”

The season of Lent, when done correctly, can be a great way to deepen our faith, connect with God, and experience His love for us in new and unbelievable ways.

It’s not, in my opinion, a forty day period to reduce our waistlines and get ready for bathing suit season by giving up sweets, or vowing to run everyday.  Though that can be very tempting…

So today, I challenge you to think and pray about what, if anything, God might be calling you to do during this holy season.

I’ve seen it done a few different ways. Some people decide to do something as a way to strengthen their faith through things like waking up early to spend time with God, reading a devotional book, listening to worship music on the way to work, or memorizing a new scripture each week.

Others choose to give up something that may distract them from their faith: Facebook, TV, video games, celebrity gossip…that last one could just be me.

Then there are those who fast something: coffee, wine, chocolate, etc. as a sacrifice in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

I’m no expert on Lent, but my plea to anyone thinking about doing something for Lent would be to make sure your heart is in the right place.  Don’t do it because you feel pressure, don’t do it to fulfill a personal goal, do it because you want to know more of Jesus and experience Him in new ways during this season.

I’m still praying about what this season will look like for me, but once I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you know.  Between you and me, it may involve giving up some TV, but I’m having a pretty hard time letting it go…

“Sanctify yourselves [that is, separate yourselves for a special holy purpose], for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”
Joshua 3:5

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