Guest Post From My Mom

 (Me, my Mom, and Josiewouldn’t that make a great movie title?)

Today we have the distinct honor of hearing from my Mom, Lisa Robertson.

If I could choose one chapter in the Bible to use as a handbook for thriving with Christ, it would be Philippians 4.  Included in these short 23 verses are dynamic nuggets that have been life changing.

For starters:
Rejoice in the Lord-
Don’t worry about ANYTHING
Pray about everything
Tell God what you need
and Thank Him for what He has done.
All of this will bring you God’s peace that passes all understanding.  vs 4-7 (NLT)
Don’t worrythis is not a suggestion, but a command.  Worry is unhelpful, unhealthy and unproductive.  Why waste our time and energy on worry? There is nothing constructive that happens when we worry.

Pray about everythingeverything means every thing. We can’t be afraid to pour your heart out to God and tell Him what’s on your mind.

Tell God what you needBe specific- how will we  know if and how God answers prayer if we aren’t specific?  God loves to have us come to Him and talk about our lives. He cares about us and all that concerns us.

And the peace of GodThis peace isn’t like relaxing at the beach, we all can understand that kind of peace.  Rather, the peace that passes all understanding is the kind of peace where we feel secure, loved and safe when our world is falling apart everywhere else.

How do we understand that kind of peace?    By recognizing it is a gift from God. Like a miracle.  We know that God is with us and He is in control.  Our problems are not a surprise to Him and there is nothing that we will ever face that is greater than the power of God.
When you know the peace that passes all understanding, it will guard your hearts and your minds as you live in Christ Jesus.  “To guard” is  best understood to be like a soldier guarding your heart and mind to protect it and keep it secure.  
Today, I challenge each of us to choose prayer over worry.  Pray about everything, tell God what you need, and be thankful. 
By praying more and worrying less, our thoughts will change and so will our attitudes.  We’ll also begin to become more aware of where God is in the details of our lives .
Try it and see what happens!


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