Green Thumb & Green With Envy

Image via Pinterest

Is it just me, or is it sometimes so hard not to compare yourself to everyone else?  I apologize if I sound like a broken record at times, but man, it’s definitely something I struggle within the big things and even in the little things. 

Yesterday, I walked down the street to water my sweet neighbors plants while she’s away and I was envious of her beautiful, thriving herbsshe had basil, she had mint, she had rosemary, and she had thymeall just as lush and fruitful as they could be.  As for my garden?  While I do have some thyme and rosemary that have survived three moves, I’ve never been able to keep basil or mint for longer than two weeks.  Are you hearing me?  I was jealous of herbs.  Seriously?! 

Later, I went on a super quick run and decided to run around UVA…big mistake.  Neely and I trudged along while we kept getting passed by these young, beautiful, skinny girls.  If we were in the wild, they would be the swift, beautiful gazelles, while I would play the Hippo who waddles along behind.  Note to self: stick to your less traveled neighborhood route next time!  You will never be a 20-year-old former cross country star.

I know that I could fill this post up with Bible verses about how God loves us just the way we are and He is only concerned about our hearts, but sometimes even when the Truth is staring you in the face, my eyes only see where I’m lacking or falling shortin big ways, or in something as insignificant as an herb garden.

And so I don’t really have a bow to wrap this post up today, I guess I’m back to looking and learning and praying for a content heart who KNOWS that God is Sufficient.  One ready and eager to give “my best” to my season and responsibilities and not constantly compare myself to “the best” in others.  And rather than envy the gifts and talents in others, I’m praying for a heart that can truly celebrate and appreciate them.  You can be certain that I will be borrowing some mint and basil from my friend and I will rejoice and enjoy her beautiful and blessed green thumb.