Great Expectations

I don’t know about you, but I’m a girl with a lot of expectationsI expect my favorite food from restaurants to always taste a certain way, I expect to always walk into Anthropologie and find something I love, and I expect that each time I watch a Real Housewife on Bravo to feel just a little bit better about my life. 

I’m also one who has expectations of peopleI expect my friends to call me back and always be available when I need them; I still expect my parents to never let me down (even as a married twenty-something); and I have expectations about marriagehow I think it should look and how my husband should act. 

The problem with these?  At some point our wordly and relational expectations fail us, leaving us hurt, disappointed, and angry.  Like it or not, my friends schedules are busy and they can’t always be there, my parents are imperfect and they still disappoint, and as wonderful as my husband is, he doesn’t always fit perfectly into the “husband mold” that I think he needs to squeeze into.

So recently God and I have been talking a lot about expectations and where I place my hope.  I’m learning that above all else, He needs to be my Greatest Expectation, but I still struggle with making it a reality.  The fabulous truth is that when we allow God to become our greatest expectation, beautiful things happen:

  • He won’t disappoint.  
  • He won’t hurt us.
  • He gives us some healthy perspective to see that He alone is truly the only thing worth hoping in, which helps us ease up on the people in our lives that we so easily hold to unrealistic standards.  

There have been two lifelines that I have been holding on tightly to as I continue to wrestle with this.  The first is Psalm 62:5 from the NKJV:

My soul, wait silently for God alone,
         For my expectation is from Him.
The second is another Paula Rinehart quote that I wrote about long ago from Strong Women, Soft Hearts:
“Hope that is pinned to God, rather than to people, has a buoyancy to it because it is grounded not in our own illusion of how our story should read, but in the character of God.”
Don’t you love it? 
So this week, as we think about what we’re thankful for, I’m beyond grateful that we have a God, who calls to us, and says, “Let Me be your Hope.  Let Me be your Greatest Expectation…”  Talk about something worth pinning!