Good Friday.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Last night, I was talking with one of my best friends and she told me that I had to read the Easter story.  She read it to her class and it moved her to tears.

So, this morning, on Good Friday, the day where we pause to remember and reflect on Jesus’ death, I pulled out my book, and I, too, was moved to tears.

I don’t know what it is about reading a children’s Bible that brings God’s Word to life for me, but God is certainly using both The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Jesus Calling Bible Storybook to work in my heart.  I say it’s for Little B and I’m doing such a great thing by reading to him and telling him all about God at such an early age, but really, who am I kidding?  It’s totally for me!

So, I thought I’d share an little excerpt.  I pray that whatever your day looks like today, this simple children’s version of Jesus’ death and the incredible price He paid for us will fall freshly on your heart:

“They gave Jesus a crown made out of thorns.  And put a purple robe on him.  And pretended to bow down to him…they whipped him.  And spat on him.  They didn’t understand that this was the Prince of Life, the King of heaven and earth, who had come to rescue them.

Jesus had never done anything wrong.  But they were going to kill him the way criminals were killed.

They nailed Jesus to the cross…Jesus could have climbed down.  Actually, he could have just said a word and made it all stop…But Jesus stayed.

It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus there.  It was love.  

“Papa?” Jesus cried, frantically searching the sky.  “Papa?  Where are you?  Don’t leave me!”

And for the first time–and the last–when he spoke nothing happened.  Just a horrible, endless silence.  God didn’t answer.  He turned away from his Boy.

Tears rolled down Jesus’ face.  The face of the One who would wipe away every tear from every eye….Then Jesus shouted in a loud voice, “It is finished!”  And it was.  He had done it.  Jesus had rescued the whole world.”  

And now, here’s an excerpt from The Jesus Calling Bible Storybook:

Yes, I died for you.  But don’t be sad.  Be happy that I love you so much.  I want you to be with Me, every minute, every day, forever.  If you ask me to be your Savior, we’ll be together in heaven someday–because I died for your sins.

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.
1 John 3:16