Golden Globes Recap: Thanking “The Team”

Yesterday, was a BIG day! Not only did the Broncos beat the Chargers, but the Golden Globes were on, kicking off the 2014 Award Season.

Our family is all about compromise, so we watched the Live E! Red Carpet Special in between football commercial breaks. (Are we a democracy, or what?!)

Now, I can’t write about the Golden Globes without a little fashion. Below were my three favorite dresses. Who did you love?!

Julia Louis Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez
Julia Louis Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez
Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrara
Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrara
Olivia Wilde in Gucci Premiere.  Because why not wear sparkles to the floor when you're pregnant? (Images via Us Magazine)
Olivia Wilde in Gucci Premiere. Because why not wear sparkles to the floor when you’re pregnant? 

(Images via Us Magazine)

Was it just me, or were lots of people accepting awards thanking “their teams.” I could be wrong, but it felt like Jennifer Lawrence kicked things off thanking “her team” and then everyone else followed suit as a quick way to shorten their speeches.

My favorite was when Andy Samburg accepted his award for best male actor in a comedy (note to self: watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and seemed the be making fun of the trend thanking “his team” in “air quotes.”

Andy Smaburg thanks "his team"
Andy Smaburg thanks “his team”


In Hollywood, I can only assume “the team” are people who make it all work–the agent, the manger, the publicist, the stylist, the hairdresser…it’s a lot of work being a Hollywood starlet!!

So who’s on your team?

Sure, not all of us have the fancy pants team a celebrity may have, but each of us have a team in our lives that helps us function, survive, and thrive through the craziness that can be life.

“Our people” who can sound encouragement, advice, and support. Ones who are quick to come running when we need their help. Ones who, even when they’re far away, can be counted on to pray for us when we need it most.

I’m so grateful for the team of family, friends, and mentors I have to help carry me through life:

  • My mom who always has the most wonderful advice is faithful to pray for me every day.
  • Siblings who help keep me on track, aren’t afraid to knock me off my high horse when I need to be kicked down a notch or two, and email me when I overlook embarrassing typos on the blog. Their the best! (yikes!)
  • A boss who helps to strengthen me both professionally and personally through her challenging and support.
  • A calm, practical husband whose incredible wisdom balances me out and keeps me sane. (I tend to have a slight flare for the dramatic!)
  • Friends who get me and who love me. Friends who make time for me and help support me through life.

Last fall was a season for me where I needed “my team.” I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually spent. B was traveling for nine weeks, I was recovering from whip lash and then had a two-week bout of mastitis (one of the most painful things ever), I was adjusting to life as a part-time working mom, we were settling into a new city, yet unable to find a house, and everywhere I looked, life seemed hard and overwhelming. I was in my own version of survival mode.

I know we all have our stuff, so I’m not trying to complain, I simply want to make a point that sometimes we walk through seasons that are more difficult than most, and that’s when we really need our team to come through for us.

Last fall, I saw my team show up in such big ways–With prayers. Encouraging text messages. Meals. Babysitting. Bible verses. Emails–I was blown away.

So I have two questions for you today:

  1. Whose team are you on and who in your life needs a little cheerleading today?
  2. Who’s on your team?  Have you thanked them recently?

Yes, life can be busy, hectic, and overwhelming, but let’s not life get so crazy that we forget to thank and acknowledge “our teams.”



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