Friday Favorties from Cally

Cally is about to share some of her favorites today, but before she does, we have a service opportunity for anyone in the Virginia Beach/North Carolina area:
My friend Peyton is heading down to The Outer Banks with Operation Blessing this weekend for some Irene disaster relief on Saturday.  61 homes were flooded out in Stumpy Point, NC and they’re looking for as many volunteers as they can get–just need to be 18 or older. 
If you’re willing and able, you can contact Peyton for more info:  757-748-4533 or
Okay, here’s our little newlywed…
Elizabeth asked me to share some of my Friday Favorites, and I am so excited to do just that!
First of all, I got my wedding photos back from the fabulous Elise Theuer!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Photos by Elise Theuer
My favorite place to scan is  It’s fun to “pin” your favorite photos and ideas from the internet, but even more fun to have a place where everyone else’s favorites are consolidated.
My favorite refreshing treat recently has been peach pops from Trader Joe’s.  They have chunks of peaches frozen right in there…DELICIOUS!  
Speaking of peaches, here is a yummy peach parfait recipe I am planning to make this weekend.  That site has also provided wonderful inspiration for me trying to cook for two on a budget.  
My favorite meal of the past week was a pre-Irene brunch with a friend at our apartment.   I made my very first fritatta, which was quite delicious if I do say so myself.  Here is a fritatta how-to from the NY Times.  Mine had mushrooms, onions, arugula, canadian bacon, and lots of goat cheese, but you really can just toss a few ingredients into eggs.  
Happy Labor Day!