Friday Favorties!

Pimms Cup–the perfect summer drink! (via Bon Appetit)

Happy Friday!  Can’t believe this week has already come and gone.  Who’s excited for the long weekend?!  Below are a few favorites from the week:

Ann Voskamp had a great post following the news in Oklahoma: When You’re Wondering How God Feels About Storms?

Oklahoma native, The Pioneer Woman, had a post with lots of links to organizations helping out with relief efforts in Oklahoma.

Completely shifting gears without an appropriate transition, Saved By The Bell Fans, will love Rembert Explains the ’90s: The Saved By The Bell Graduation Finale.  They just don’t make shows like they used to.

Yesterday, we had a ten hour car ride into Tennessee for B’s sister’s wedding.  (Little B was AMAZING!)  Along the way, we had a sampling of a LOT of music.  We heard the new Pink/Nate Ruess song seven times.  But I think my favorite song for the summer is going to be  Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.

And most of you who know me well, know that my favorite drink of choice is Pimms.  With the holiday weekend coming up, you should definitely try this delicious Pimms Cup from Bon Appetit.  It will not disappoint!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!