Friday Favorites: Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Happy Friday!  I know Christmas is NOT about the gifts, but the reality is that most of us WILL be buying a gift or two this month for people we love.  To help make your life a little easier, I’ve come up with a few ideas for your nearest and dearest.

For the coffee drinker:

Shenandoah Joe’s Coffee

A pound of REALLY good coffee can go a long way.  We love Shenandoah Joe’s in Charlottesville–and they ship anywhere!  Our favorites are Dave’s Blend and Khaldi’s Euphoria.

If you want to step up your coffee making, the gift of a fabulous grinder can go a long way.  This Burr grinder grounds the beans evenly, so you don’t end up with a lot of dust, which can make the coffee bitter.  It’s pricey for a grinder, but it’s the best we’ve seen.

And if your REALLY want to step up your coffee making, this Technivorm Moccamaster will change your life.  It’s certainly an investment, but for the coffee lover in your life, it will not disappoint.

For the chefs:

We got this whip cream maker a few years ago, and I can’t tell you how much we LOVE it!  It’s perfect for sprucing up coffee and desserts.  B has even used it to make horseradish whip cream for a duck appetizer.  It’s a fun thing for the chef who has everything.  You may want to also order the “cream chargers” so they can get started right away.

When we got married, we got a set of fancy knives that we love, but I will say, if we only had this Shun Santuko knife, I think we’d survive.  It does everything.  Again, definitely an investment, but one that will make the chef in your life beyond excited.
For the Wine Connoisseur
This wine drying rack is the best!!  By brother and his wife discovered it and I’m pretty sure they’ve given it to everyone in the family.  Just wash the glasses and hang to dry–no spots!!  It also folds up for easy storage.

We also love this set of wine brushes.  Or you can just go with the wine brush, which is our favorite:

A few more ideas for the girls in your life:

Candles–I love getting candles, but here’s the thing: only give candles that you’ve burned and love–there’s nothing worse than an overpowering candle.

I love this VOLUSPA candle in French Cade Lavender.  I think you can get it at Anthropologie.

Speaking of Anthropologie, how cute are these mini-candles?  I LOVE their Capri Blue candles in any size.

Another idea would be to give a set of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning.  I their Lemon Verbena scent is so fresh and clean.  You could combine the kitchen spray, dish soap and hand soap.  The cheapest I’ve found Mrs. Meyer’s is at Kroger.

I pretty much adore all Fresh products.  This soy face cleanser is like a cucumber facial every day.  A great pick me up in the morning!

Personalized notepads are always cute and something useful to have around the house.  The one above is on sale for $20.

And for the babies in your life, right now, my favorite toy is this Sprig Cone Stacker.  It’s great for teaching colors and shapes.  The pieces also make noise, so Little B likes to turn them into cymbals.

We also love this Pound & Tap Bench with the removable xylophone.  Right now, Little B is all about the hammer, but he’s growing into the rest.

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What’s your go-to gift this year?