Friday Favorites 9.5.14


Happy Friday!  Oh my, how I’ve missed you!!  I’ve said it before and I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I’m in a season right now that’s more demanding than past seasons.  Between working, mothering, growing a tiny human, and settling into our new house, my blogging has had to be moved to the back burner.

Now the problem I’m facing is without a more regular blogging routine, I find I have less material to work with.  When I’m blogging all the time, my mind is always thinking in blogs, but the more time that has lapsed, the larger the writer’s block.

So, today, I thought I’d ease back in with some Friday Favorites!

Today is the first day in a LONG time I’ve even perused the internet for fun links and let’s just say I had LOTS to catch up on!  Ready for some highlights?

Josie is one of my dearest friends the most amazing mom.  She’s a year ahead of me and someone I try to emulate.  (ie: I call her with my questions and do everything she tells me).  She wrote a great post with some advice for a new mom.  So simple but SO encouraging!  She starts with this: “The days are long, but the years are short.”  So true, Josie.  So true!

Another one of my dearest friends, Anna Kate, has a great post with her fashion wisdom.  I’m pretty obsessed with her simple, effortless, casual-but-pulled-together look and so I took copious notes!  I also followed all the links she posted and fully intend on investing in some of these.  I’m a sucker for a ballet flat!

Bekah has a great post for girls who haven’t entered into the baby world yet, Five Things I Would Have Done Differently Before Baby.  I definitely agree with her about last-minute traveling!  I would also add be spontaneous and go to LOTS of movies!  I LOVE movies and since Little B was born, I’ve only been to two.

My mom has a great post up over on Changing Seasons, “What’s In A Bag?”

Are you guilty of spending way too much on a grocery store run when you just need “a few things?”  This article from bSmart is for you!

Speaking of Changing Seasons, we have TWO great events coming up this month in Virginia Beach and Richmond.

I may not have been blogging much lately, but I HAVE been cooking!  Here are a few of my favorite new recipes:


EASY Peach Crisp.  Seriously, it took 10 minutes and as long as you have peaches, you should have all the rest of the ingredients in your pantry.  Best served with ice cream.  We gave it to Little B and he was so confused as to how one bowl could be both hot and cold–that’s the beauty of a crisp with ice cream, my friends!



Easy Lebanese Kibbeh.  Once again, it really IS easy!  I went on the hunt for some kibbeh and all the recipes were super complicated and involved crust, filling, stuffing, and frying–yikes!  All this requires is mixing and baking.  We served it with some homemade tzatziki sauce and some cous cous on the side and it was DELISH!  Plus, it fed us for a week!


Vegetable Stir Fry.  Recently, I’ve had a revelation regarding stir fry: as long as you’ve got a great sauce, the meat isn’t really necessary.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE carnivore, but I kind of love having a few meals in my back pocket that don’t involve touching raw meat.  Plus, they’re easier on the wallet!


That’s all for now!  Happy weekend.  Hope to see you again, SOON!


  • Anna Kate Prum

    I admire your love of cooking!! Great post–always love your links :).

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Thanks Anna Kate!! I seriously can’t tell you how obsessed I was with your fashion post. I literally wanted to buy it ALL. Love you!! xoxo


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