Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  A few favorites from the week:

I’m lucky enough to get to contribute to the Changing Seasons Blog each week with a fabulous group of women and every Friday, my friend Dee Oliver shares honest, practical advice on preparing for death.  Even though the circumstances of death and her own experience is not lighthearted, Dee has a refreshingly honest, fun, relatable tone that makes thinking about and planning for death sound doable, check out her Going Out In Style posts here

Bernie and I are in a “fancy food” club with a few friends in Charlottesville and this month’s menu did not disappoint.  Here’s the link for our “Cozy Winter Supper.”  Delish!!  If you like delicious food, I definitely recommend putting together a little gourmet club, it is a blast and the wonderful people at Bon Appetit pull the whole menu together for you, event the wine recommendations!  All you have to do is know how to read a recipe!

Image from Bon Appetit

I loved Mary Elizabeth’s post on Milestones & Baby Proofing

I somehow rediscovered Real Simple’s New Uses for Old Things.  They’re pretty smart, ya’ll!  Like using an old toilet paper roll to store hair clips–fancy, fancy!

Image from Real Simple

And last but not least, my sweet friend Catherine, party planner extraordinaire, just so happens to be married to a rock star.  He was on Leno Wednesday night alongside Jennifer Garner, no big deal.  Click here to watch it on Hulu.  They’re at the very end.  

Have a great weekend!


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