Friday Favorites: 7.11.14


Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week!!  Ready for some favorites?


Today is 7-11!  Not only is it my half birthday, but it’s also FREE Slurpee day!!  Head to 7-11 today from 11 a.m-7 p.m. to get your free Slurpee!  Woohoo!

I loved this post from Mary at Tulips & Flight Suits on thoughts on settling into a calmer lifestyle.  She also has some great links here.

Love these great lunch ideas from Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers.

Nina’s posts are always so honest and hilarious and I LOVED reading her post on summer’s lessons learned.

I LOVE to sleep!  Check out these products to invest in to achieve the sweetest of dreams.

The next two are REALLy basic ideas, but here are two simple things I’m loving:

1.  Bar soap.  It may sound obvious, but I’ve just now discovered that there are some great soaps to use in the shower instead of my beloved body wash.  Best part?  They are cheaper and they last longer than body wash.  So if you don’t mind a slippery bar of soap when you’re lathering up, give it a try!  Here is one I love:

Lollia Breathe


At $10 a bar, I wouldn’t call it cheap, but it’s cheaper than the $20 body wash AND it lasts longer…win-win!  I love how it smells and that it’s a great bar soap that won’t dry out your skin.  It’s also nice to stick in a drawer to make your clothes or your unmentionables smell nice.

2.  Cherries.  I LOVE cherries in the summertime, but here’s the problem: they always come in HUGE bags and they’re not exactly the cheapest fruit.  So often, I’ve mindlessly grabbed a bag of cherries, only to find out the bag cost like $8-$9 and I NEVER finish them before they go bad.

Ready for my secret?  I just take out a portion of cherries and put them in their own produce bag.  There’s no rule that says you have to buy all the cherries they pre-package.  It ends up costing closer to $3 and I’m always able to eat them all!


That’s all for now.  Have a fabulous weekend!!

  • Cally Everett

    That cherry idea is BRILLIANT!


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