Friday Favorites!

Parachute Concert–thanks to Molly for the photo!

(Lots of videos today!  Email subscribers, click here).

Happy Friday!

A definite highlight from this week was getting to go to the Parachute concert with some friends to see my best friend’s incredibly talented husband.  Have I mentioned my best friend married a rock star…like, a real one?!  No. Big. Deal.

Here’s the video from my favorite song, “What I Know:”

They’re pretty great.  You should buy their album here.

Another highlight this week is going to be watching UVA advance today in the NCAA basketball tournament.  Game starts at 2:10.  And speaking of UVA basketball, I LOVED reading this article on our coach Tony Bennett–he’s kind of amazing!

In other news, for the first time ever, I hired someone to clean our house yesterday. (Note: house guests arriving tonight, just ignore that sentence…obviously my house is ALWAYS this clean!)

Oh. My Gosh.  I never knew a sparkling house could make you feel so much better.  It’s cleaner now than the day we moved inall morning I’ve been thinking up ways to make this work on a more regular basis, but it’s not very conducive to our student budget.  Ideas have included: stop ordering alcohol at restaurants, give up mani/pedis (though I already did that in Sept.), start babysitting again, figure out a monthly business where I can make $70 extra dollars a month.  Stay tuned!  All that to say, Charlottesville friends, if you need a deep spring clean that will change your life, let me know!!!

You may or may not know, that for my real job, I work for an early education initiative that raises awareness on the importance of the early years and advocates for a greater public/private investment in early education.  This is a passion of mine that I kind of stumbled into, but now that I have, I’m extremely committed.  Whether children are at home or in school, it’s imperative that they’re getting the strong start they deserve.  So, it was pretty awesome when Jenna Bush Hager ran a story on The Today Show this week talking about the importance of the early years and high quality education:

In other work-related news, last year, we published the Faithful Beginnings School Readiness Guidea guide to arm parents with kindergarten readiness milestones, simple faith truths, and activities they can do at home with their children.  We recently brought the Guide to life with a few short videos featuring a mother and her two boys doing some of the activities.  Here’s one of my favorites, but you can watch them all here.  

Are they not the cutest?  Dana makes two boys, 12 months apart, seems picturesque, fun, joyful, and abundant.  I came home from this day telling B we needed two boys one year apart who could wear matching madras plaid shorts everyday.

That’s all for now, have a fabulous weekend!!


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