Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!  Sorry for my absence this week, sometimes life happens and forces you to take a little break to regroup and get a little spiritual CPR.  Hope you’ve had a great week!

I have to say, one of the most fun and, at times, stressful things about being in your mid-to-late-twenties is that your life, and the lives around you, are full of so much transition and life changing events.  Just this week, I watched as Meg graduated law school, then we hopped over to sweet Anna Kate bringing life into the world and delivering sweet Campbell Grace Prum, and we finished out the week out with my dear friend and “life roommate” Sallie getting engaged on Wednesday night.  It has been so much fun to celebrate in each one of these fabulous milestones!

Below is probably my all time favorite new baby picture.  With just four days into her new role as a mom, Anna Kate is a pro!  She’s already coordinated Campbell’s sleep schedule with her dog Finn’s.  Is she a natural, or what?!

This weekend, I’ll watch as my my precious baby sister Abby graduates from college and another group of young, ambitious, intelligent twenty-somethings is released into the “real world” to wrestle with jobs, the elimination of 3-month long summer breaks, memos, office Christmas parties, grad school, engagements, marriages, and babies.  I’m telling you, for many women, your twenties is a lot of change for one girl to handle!    

But oh, how I digress!  I’m so proud of my little graduate and I can’t wait to celebrate with her!

As for favorites, besides the above picture, I haven’t had much time for blog hopping this week.  My number one favorite of the week has been my Jesus Calling book.  I know I talk about it often, but the reassurance of God’s truth and His faithfulness on a daily basis is such a gift!!  I can’t recommend it enough!

In other news, today the “highly anticipated” movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting premiers.  What do you think?  Will you see it?  You know I love a good trailer, so I hope you enjoy:
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Happy weekend!!


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