Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!  I hope you’ve had a fabulous week!  Many thanks to Cally for filling in last week on Friday Favorites!

When I was flying to Turkey two weeks ago, I ended up missing my NYC connection and got to have 12 incredibly quick hours with Cally–it was a delight!  We chatted, ate breakfast, and then I walked her to work to get an idea of what her daily routine is.  I still can’t believe my little sister lives in the big city!  Beyond seeing Cally, a close second, was coming back to shower and use all of her fabulous Birchbox products–I felt like I was in a spa!  I cleansed, exfoliated, masked–and discovered all kinds of fun new make-up, perfume, and hair products–the perfect way to relax before hopping on a 10-hour flight!  In keeping with Cally’s theme, I’ll share my two favorite products a-la Birchbox:

Dirt Luxe Body Scrub–best body scrub ever.  We’re talking life changing!

Jouer Lip Enhancer–not exactly sure how it works, but it makes your lips feel fabulous!

Also, I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but one of my all-time favorite websites is Suri’s Burn Book–it is hilarious!  Though she loathes nearly all other celebrity children and child actors, one girl she does not hide her affection for is Kiernan Shipka (aka Sally Draper on Mad Men).  Yesterday, she posted a link to a video that walks through Kiernan’s closet and as I said to my friend Anna Kate, “If envying a 12-year-old’s style is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.”  She’s adorable!  Watch it hereThis post is also hilarious!

And lastly, it’s no secret that I’m a big Olympics fan, though painful, I thought this video of Aly Raisman’s parents reacting to her bar routine was hilarious!

Happy weekend!