Friday Favorites!

TGIF! This week Elizabeth has given me (her little sister Abby) the honor of sharing a few of my favorite things with y’all. I take after Elizabeth and I’s dear, sweet, wonderful mother and have a tendency to refer to everything as “the BEST!” or “the COOLEST!” so I’ve tried hard to narrow down my long list of things I love to give you the best of THE BEST!

I’ll start with skincare. It is officially chilly outside which means dry skin for our clan of red heads. For as long as I remember, winter weather meant developing a horrific, red, dry skin beard underneath my lower lip that could only be cured by smothering the entire contents of a tub of Vaseline on it each morning. About two years ago, I switched to Fresh SoyFace Cleanser and haven’t had a problem since. It’s a really soothing face wash that will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated instead of dried out!

On the colder days, I top that off with Kiehl’s Ultra FacialCream my Aunt Barbara gave me and so long dry, red beard!

In the fall, I love making arrangements with only a couple neat looking leaves. I recently made this one with a de-labelled bottle, recycled rope ribbon, curly willow, and just a few leaves I collected outside.

Another one of my favorite things is hosting brunches. Recently I hosted a brunch and wanted to add some seasonal flare to the party without going the creepy Halloween decoration route so I made this pumpkin cooler! It was a huge success and total time to make it was around 5 minutes. Just deseed the pumpkin, write something cute on it, throw in some ice and bubbly and you’re good to go!

Finally, I’m a huge believer in having a “Fun-Friday” tradition to put yourself in a happy, weekend mood at the beginning of the day. In high school, one of my best friends Caitlin and I would dine at a place called Beach Bagel every Friday morning before school. Each week, we were equally excited to go and it always put us in THE BEST weekend mood. This was one of my favorite things we did and we still go back anytime we’re both in Virginia Beach. Since moving to DC, I haven’t perfected a new Fun-Friday activity so please share any Fun Friday traditions you might have that I can borrow in the comments below!

Happy Friday!



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