Friday Favorites: 5.31.14

Happy Friday!!!  I can’t believe I’ve missed two Friday Favorites in a row–I’m so sorry!  I nearly missed today’s, but I managed to carve out a little time for some links.  This is what we’re in the middle of right now:

photo (45)
Bidding farewell to our movers. Bear was completely captivated by them.

After 10 LONG months, we have finally been reunited with our stuff from Charlottesville.  Now our only question is what to do with it all?

photo (46)


Since I’ve pretty much been living out of a few suitcases since July, I’ve learned that it is possible to live on SO much less, which is why I LOVED Shauna Niequist’s latest post, LESS.  I’m hoping as I unpack our ridiculous amount of boxes to slowly purge the things we just don’t need or use.

And since I have moving on the brain, I so appreciated Nina’s words of wisdom, “Make friends who like to move.”

I also have painting on the brain and am so terrified of picking out the wrong paint color.  I loved Nester’s advice on “The Only Secret Formula For Picking the Perfect Paint Color.”




Downton Abbey fans, I’ve discovered a new show for you: Mr. Selfridge.  It’s another gem from Masterpiece Theater starring Jeremy Piven who portrays Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American entrepreneur who journeys to London in the early 1900s to open “Selfridges,” a state-of-the-art, high-end department store.  His motto?  The more extravagant, the better, which is probably why I love it.  Amazon Prime members can watch it for free on demand.

Virginia Beach and Norfolk friends, last night was the launch of Volume 2 of The Scout Guide.  It’s AMAZING!  Keep your eyes peeled for a copy at your favorite local spot and be sure to grab your copy ASAP!  For a little preview, check out The Scout Guide’s blog here.

If you want to see something cute and ridiculous, watch this video of this precious little girl dancing–she’s got moves!!