Friday Favorites!

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Happy Friday!  Are you ready for the weekend?!  I sure am!  As usual, here are a few fun links to send you on your way:

First off, in a quick plug for my job, Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads was nominated as one of Hampton Road’s Magazine 50 nonprofits to be eligible to win the “Giving Back Awards,” but we need your vote!  One vote.  25 seconds.  Just click here and vote for Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads.  Thanks!!

Big Mama’s post on Parenthood (via Pioneer Woman) is amazing.  Like me, she gets why it’s my favorite show.  There’s still time to catch up before Season 4 premieres; Netflix has all three seasons streaming online…just ask Eliza Joy.

This week I discovered that one of my dear friends is a “famous Pinner” aka she has over 900 followers on Pinterest!  Maybe she has a lot of friends (she is quite popular), but I’m pretty sure over the past year she’s just developed a great fan base because she has flawless taste.  You should follow her too!  Click here.

And last but not least, I have to thank one of my bestest friends, Josie Ortega, for her fabulous blog post last week, which introduced me to “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan” & Texts From Hillary.  Here are a few favorites:

Have a great weekend!!


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