Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week.  I don’t know about you, but the weather in Virginia has been perfect!  And it was a BIG week in our family as sweet Lulu started preschool!  Is she not the cutest preschooler you’ve ever seen?!  She picked her outfit all by herself to make sure she had the perfect blend of “pale pink” and “hot pink”…throw in a tiara, and you’re good to go!


 As always, here are a few favorites from the week:

I LOVED my mom’s post on the Changing Seasons blog, Take The Next Step.

Speaking of Changing Seasons, Paula Rinehart is coming on September 25th!!  Get details here.

And Nina had a great post on a Letter to My Teenage Self.

In the mood for shopping?  My mom would prefer I keep this a secret, but because I love and adore you so, I’m going to give you the scoop.  Tory Burch’s ex-husband (who helped her launch her famous line) has now started his own line, C. Wonder.  Think Tory Burch but 2/3 the price!  It’s amazing!  Check it out here!

And finally, in the category of “incredibly random stuff on the internet,” check out these two video courtesy of my wonderful husband:

Goat Yelling Like A Man

Goat/Usher Mashup

Have a great weekend!


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