Friday Favorites!

A little nursery inspiration via Pinterest

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  As always, here are a few favorites:

Don’t you love it when God teaches two friends similar things on the same day?  Mary Elizabeth’s post, That’ll Hold Ya, is a great follow-up to my post on Wednesday, Nurture It, but it will make you hungry–literally and spiritually!

Birchbox has a great Fall Lookbook!  Hop over to pg 5 for a fun surprise (my sister!)

Is anyone else as excited for Fall TV as I am?!  The premeire of Parenthood last week was almost too much for me.  Check out Lincee’s Fall TV Guide here.

And lastly, I know this is a tad overplayed, but it still always makes me happy.  Watch the video below for a fun Friday treat:

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