Friday Favorites

A few of my favorite Emmy dresses via UsMagazine
One again, Kiernan Shipka does not disappoint!
Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  Here are a few fun links as you head into the weekend:
First, a public service announcement of sorts:
My friend was home from work on Wednesday when she put a load of clothes into the dryer.  Within twenty minutes she smelled something burning and ran to shut off the dryer.  When the repair man came, he opened the dryer and showed her a build-up of lint below the filter that had caught on fire.  Thank God she was home!  Be careful with your dryers.  Never leave them on when you leave.  Here’s a little safety link.
Next, we have more great advice:
Great tips on brining the perfect hostess gift from Tulips and Flight Suits 
And Josie shares her wisdom on selecting perfect souvenirs while traveling.  This will come in handy for her BIG trip across the pond to see the Tuites!

In the mood for a little weekend baking?  Hands down, this recipe from The New York Times will be the BEST chocolate chip cookies you will ever make.  Promise!  The secret is quality chocolate chips–I always go with Ghirardelli.

And lastly, check out our little TV correspondent, Cally!  All those cooking shows we did in our kitchen growing up are certainly paying off!

Happy weekend!!