Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  Here are a few fun links as we head into the weekend…

Listen–I’m LOVING this song, “Not For A Moment” by Meredith Andrews.
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Read–Mary Elizabeth’s post on Oxygen Masks is definitely a must-read!

Get Inspired–who’s ready for election day?!  Check out this fun “Election Day Ready” Pinterest Board some of my friends created.  Get excited!

And speaking of Pinterest, my friend Virginia reached 1,000 followers!  (she’s kind of a big deal)  In honor of her BIG news, we’re going to celebrate by actually making one of her 340 recipes.

How about these Nutella donuts?

Image via Pinterest

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And speaking of recipes, Sunday night to get ready for Hurricane Sandy, I attempted to make Chicken and Dumplings.

I did some research because I don’t particularly care for the biscuit kind of chicken and dumplings, so this is a softer, more doughy type of dumpling.  Some referred to it as “Chicken and Pastry.”  Regardless, it’s a simple tasting dish, but great comfort food.  Next time, I’m going to add pearl onions, peas, and carrots for a little more kick.  Get the recipe here.

Happy Weekend!!