Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!  Ready for a few favorites?

I’ve been catching up on blogs all week and there are so many fabulous posts out there!

Like Shauna Niequist’s post, “Should Is A Warning Sign

Or Trish Ryan’s post “Demolition Day”.

And you MUST read Mary Elizabeth’s post, “Stewarding the Story.”

I also loved reading Anna Kate’s thoughts on sending her sweet Campbell to school for the first time.

This post on Distracted Living from Jennifer Meer is a great reminder to slow down and be present.  I especially loved this:

“If we begin to itemize our daily lives as a series of tasks to be checked off and juggled and done while doing other things, I’m not sure we’re ever fully present in any of it.”

I may be WAY behind the times, but I just discovered the Kid President videos.  They are precious!  Check it out below:
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Image via Pioneer Woman

Need a good fall recipe?  I recently made The Pioneer Woman’s white chili and it is delicious.  I usually have a hard time telling the difference between white chili and tortilla soup, but this recipe is hearty, creamy, and delish!

And how about an update on Little B?  He turned 9 months last week!  Time is flying, and so is Little B–he pretty much wiggles, rolls, crawls, scoots, or cruises from the minute he wakes up to the minute he puts his head down.

He’s also quite the flirt–when he sees a pretty baby girl, he doesn’t waste time with formalities, he just goes right in for the kiss!  Ladies, look out!

Here are a few of Little B’s latest favorites:

Favorite food: acorn squash, yogurt melts & apples.

Favorite words: Dada and ball–what else does a boy need?!

Favorite toys: hammers, balls, and pretty much anything that makes a loud noise.

Favorite games: peek-a-boo and the classic drop things off the high chair and watch my mom pick them up.

Little B’s first UVA football game.  We might not win, but at least we dress the part!

At our favorite restaurant in Charlottesville, Dr. Hos’

Happy Weekend!!


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