Friday Favorites: 4.25.14


Happy Friday!!  I hope you’ve had the most wonderful week(s)…sorry I’ve been away for so long!!  I could try to give you some excuses, but instead, let’s get right to this week’s favorites:

This story of how one 10-year old little boy escaped his abductor after being kidnapped is amazing!  Watch here.

My friend Caroline has been writing the BEST posts lately!  Check out these two: Giving up the Hustle and What I Can, Where I Am, What I Have.

Did anyone know there’s a website called Southern Weddings?  I guess that shouldn’t surprise me.  I loved this glimpse into wife, mom, designer, and blogger Emily Ley’s home.  It seems so welcoming, simple, and beautiful.  The article also led me to her blog, which I can’t wait to dive into.

My sister Cally, always every-conscious of food, chemicals, etc. sent us the latest GOOP edition, “The Dirty on Getting Clean.”  I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to look at it, because I like to live in denial, but as much as I hate to admit it, my sister’s right: “the bad stuff affects us.”  Read at your own risk.  (In all honesty, I DO appreciate how simply this is broken down.  It makes me actually think that changing the products I’m using is doable!)

On to happier topics like shopping!!  Anthropologie has 20% off all sale items for a limited time.  There’s no code, it’s just applied when you check out.

How about this dress?  $100 off original price!  I haven’t been the biggest fan of the varying hems, but they’re starting to grow on me (like I’ve said before, I’m usually 2-3 years behind on trends)



And sadly, today, we say goodbye to our Royal Family departing their town from down under.  As for my favorite “looks” from the Princess?  I’m torn between these two, but let’s be honest, they’re ALL amazing!!


kate kate 2

By the way, can SOMEONE please explain to me how Kate’s hair can look this fabulous after an afternoon of sailing in the rain?!?  I mean, really!!

kate 3


All photos from Vanity Fair.  Watch their slideshow of Kate’s ensembles here.  And see more pictures of Prince George looking ridiculously cute here.

Have a great weekend!!