Friday Favorites: 4.11.14

Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve had a fabulous week!  Below are a few of my latest favorites:

Trish Ryan wrote an incredible Easter-themed post this week that I LOVED.  Read it here.

Nina shared her own, “Sacred Scared” and as usual, her post does not disappoint.

A friendly tip: want to keep your coffee hot longer?  (Much to the disdain of my husband, I’m known to microwave my coffee approximately 4-6 times each morning).  My saavy aunt taught me how boil water first, pour it in the mug to warm it up, dump it out, and THEN pour in your fresh coffee.  It makes a world of difference!

The Masters are this weekend!  The Masters always seem to call for a Bloody Mary.  To be honest, I never liked Bloody Marys until I discovered Zing Zang mix.  It’s amazing!  I even drink it plain with a little water mixed in all the time!  You should be able to find it in most grocery stores, or liquor store.

Confession: I’ve been mildly obsessed with the Royal Family’s tour of New Zealand.  I mean, I just love them!  When my celebrity gossip news reads stories like: “Prince George has a play date!” and “Breaking: Princess Kate wears a ponytail,” you know it’s a good news week.  So here are some links and pictures I’ve been loving this week:

Image via Glamour UK

Here’s Prince George on his official play date.  I’m so glad the prince shares Little B’s love for a good smocked number, or as my skeptical sister-in-law calls them, “smocks.”

royal family

Don’t we all look like this glamorous after 28-hours of flying with an 8-month old?

Image via EOnline

Anyone else love Kate’s Tory Burch dress for the “official play date?”  I mean, that’s how I always dress for my play dates!

Suri’s Burn Book coverage of Prince George has been hilarious!

Want to see more style pics?  Check out Vanity Fair’s coverage here.

These memes (is that what these are called?!) of Prince George and his post-flying grumpy face are pretty funny.

Have a great weekend!!

  • Josie Ortega


  • Caitlin Robertson

    Bear looks 100 x cuter in a smock than Prince George. Just sayin’.

    • Elizabeth Robertson Williams

      Hahaha…thanks, Caitlin!! Just wait for the “smocks” that will be bestowed upon Baby Robertson!!