Friday Favorites

My sweet nieces ready to take Costco by storm in head-to-toe pale pink!

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  Currently, we have a light dusting of snow outside and are hunkering down for more.  There’s nothing better than a little snow to give you the excuse to stay inside and snuggle into your couch, and since that’s pretty much what I want to do all the time now, I’m glad the weather is on my side this weekend!

What makes snuggling into the couch even more inviting?  UGG slippers and a Barefoot Dreams bathrobe...simply heavenly!

But before the snow begins to fall, here are a quick favorites from the week:

Mary Yonkman posted a great blog post on motherhood and work at Tulips & Flight Suits.

In need of a good photographer?  My sweet friend, Mary Stafford has you covered!  Check her out at Merry Studios.

How about a little organizing inspiration?  Check out this post on the 10 Best Super Organized Spaces.

And I can’t remember if I’ve posted this or not, but it’s a recipe SO good, it’s worth another re-post.  Are you in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe?  This one from the New York Times will NOT disappoint.  B likes it so much, he makes them himself!  They are to die for!

Happy Weekend!