Friday Favorites!


Meeting my first puppy!

Hey Guys, what’s up?!

Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  It’s been a big week for us over here!  We’ve had a visit from Aunt Cally and Uncle Marshall, a new puppy, and three grandparents have stopped by.

Over the weekend, we took Little B out to his first restaurant, our favorite pizza place in Charlottesville.  Let’s just say this: you know you go to a restaurant way too much, when the waitress came over and saw the baby and said, “Wow, how old is he?!”  When I told her he was just two weeks, she said, “Wow, has it been two weeks since I’ve waited on you?!”  For the record, it had been three, but clearly, we need to diversify our restaurants.

He also went to his first vineyard and slept through it like a champ!

In other big milestones, last night, I watched, as my precious little boy developed eyes for another woman.  My sweet, beautiful, tall, southern belle friend came by to bring us dinner and Little B could not take his eyes off of her…it was the cutest thing!  At least we know he’s got great taste in girls!  Ladies, look out!

Enough baby talk, here are a few favorites from the week:

I’ve posted this blog before, but I’ve recently discovered a new blog via Molly that I seriously love.  Check out this great post on 1-step Whole Organic Chicken, or this one on great laundry tips, Right-Side Out Is Over-Rated.

Love this simple post on Sophisticated Appetizers in 5 Simple Steps.

My friend Anna Kate, just introduced me to another new blog, Momastery.  Check out this great list of book, blog, music, and movie suggestions.

Have a great weekend!!