Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!  Here are a few fun links for your weekend:

Nina’s latest post on her family’s lice epidemic is real, insightful, informative, and HILARIOUS.  I was literally laughing out loud. 

I’ve recently rediscovered Money Saving Mom (whether or not you’re a mom or not is irrelevant…she’s got great deals!) and I loved her post on How to Be an Online Shopping Ninja.  I pretty much do all my shopping online, and loved her tips!

As we quickly approach the holiday season, you might want to check out this blog post from Birchbox on 10 Hairstyles to Get You Through A Holiday Season.   My personal favorite?  The sock bun.

Need a mindless distraction?  Vote for the People’s Choice Awards.  I will admit, I haven’t heard on half the movies or bands, but I kind of liked feeling like I had a say, especially when I got to vote for Parenthood as the best drama–ridiculous, I know.

Speaking of ridiculous distractions, it’s no secret that I’ve been known to watch some REALLY bad TV.  Recently, Netflix told me that they thought I would like Drop Dead Diva…so much, in fact, they thought I would give it 5 stars.  Now, whenever Netflix challenges me with a potential 5 star show, I generally tend to peruse it, how well does Netflix really know me anyway? 

It turns out, they know me pretty well.  It may have taken me a few episodes, and I’m embarrassed to admit this publicly, but I kind of love it. 

It’s a sweet, cheesy show with courtroom drama and your classic love triangle.  If you need a light, mindless, bubble gum show, check it out!! 


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