Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve had a great week!  Below are a few favorites:

First things first, we must wish a very Happy Birthday to our favorite mom!!  Technically her birthday is tomorrow, but we can’t wait one more day to let you all know just how much we adore her!  Her love and support is invaluable.

Happy Birthday Honey!!

I’m beyond grateful for the countless ways she’s shaped my life.  She has taught me so many things including the power of prayer, the delight that a good cup of coffee and delicious cookie can bring, and the art of bargain shopping–all three essential life skills!

Happy Birthday, Mom!  We love you dearly!

Now, for some links:

Sara from Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet has a great guide on adoring God for the month of March.  You can download it here.

Last Friday, a friend invited us over for dinner to try out a new recipe she was so excited about.  The result was a delicious, simple meal that we totally devoured.  Here’s the recipe if you want to try it!

Remember my best friend, Catherine?  You know, the one who married a real rock star?!  Well, his band Parachute has a fun, new single out, “Hearts Go Crazy.”  You should get it.  Little B loves it!!

A while ago, I posted a coffee table tutorial on Friday Favorites, and my cute friend Josie took it to the next step.  Check out her version here.

Also, I LOVED this post from Josie, too!  Tell the Stories (or, It’s my birthday!)

And what would Friday be with out a pic or two of Little B?!
Here he is at five weeks!!  I am in love!!

5 weeks old and so happy!

What are we gonna do about our Wahoos, mom?  Why can’t they win just one simple away game?!


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