Friday Favorites!

Abby & Little B–is she cute, or what?!

Happy Friday!  Today’s favorites come from my young, cool, hip sister Abby.  Just a year out of college, she’s quickly shed her “freshman fifteen” and looking amazing and healthy!  She’s also a legit, certified Zumba instructor–pretty cool, right?!  So, what are some of her secrets?! 

Skinny Taste–a great website that gives you healthy food options, without sacrificing the flavor. 

Printable Tabata Workout–don’t ask me what Tabata means, because I have no idea, but Abby says it’s a great workout no equipment necessary!

Nike Free–in Abby’s words, “I’ll never buy another pair of tennis shoe again.”  They feel light, breezy, and comfortable!  I tried them on and I’m sold!

Eos chapstic–a fun, new chapstick to keep your lips soft.  They come in great flavors!

Need a refreshing summer drink?  Abby recommends a little Greet Tea cocktail.  Make and cool green tea.  Add ice, lime, and Truvia and you’re good to go!  Refreshing, healthy, and delicious!  Great to keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the work day. 

And lastly, Abby’s really into Essie’s new summer polish colors.  Like this “Naughty Nautical.”   We were both skeptical at first, but it’s a great, fun color for toes!

Thanks Abby!

Have a healthy tip?  Share it below!