Friday Favorites: 10.23.14


Happy Friday!  It’s a BEAUTIFUL day here and we’ve spent the majority of it at the park–one of our newest FAVORITES!

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Speaking of favorites, here are a few for your weekend:




Last week, I made these delicious spinach and mushroom enchiladas.  I found this blog on Pinterest and I really like the looks of a lot of her recipes–good old fashioned comfort food!


I’m all about simple pleasures these days, and I’ve found such joy in having chai tea with a little splash of almond milk each afternoon.  Sometimes, it’s the little things, and I can’t explain it, but this simple little drink just makes me happy!


Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.20.38 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.19.35 PM


Lately, I’ve been having a fashion crisis, where I’m no longer 22 and I feel like I can’t pull off super trendy outfits (let’s be honest, I NEVER could, nor did I ever really try), but I’m also not 55 and am not fully ready to entirely embrace my Brooks Brothers and Talbots catalogs (not yet, anyways), so what’s a girl supposed to wear?!

Recently, my lovingly, stylish sister talked me out of bad fashion decision from Target and encouraged me to try AYR (it’s the “Bonobos” for women and it’s amazing).  They specialize in classic, comfortable pieces you can wear all year round (see what they did there?!)  They have free shipping and free returns, so I ordered a TON and fell in love with these basic black pants and this incredibly soft button down shirt.  I mean, I’ve literally been wearing one or the other for the past week.  If you’re in the market for some trusty, staples, I HIGHLY recommend them!!  With free shipping and free returns, you have nothing to lose!  PLUS you get 20% off your first order!!  Yes, please!!


As we get ready to celebrate Baby Sister’s birthday next week, I loved reading Nina’s thoughts on birthdays.

I LOVED Lincee’s post on telling your story.

Gilmore Girl fans will LOVE reading Jen Hatmaker’s recap after she binged watched the entire series over the summer.  If Jen Hatmaker can binge-watch a show on Nextflix, there’s freedom for all of us!  Also, THIS!

Speaking of Jen Hatmaker, she did a 4-week video book club for her newest book (and my newest favorite), For The Love.  Even if you haven’t read the book, I promise you’ll be encouraged hearing from Jen.  (Note: the first one they had some major connection issues so it’s not the best and it’s pretty awkward with the “virtual host”, but the rest get better and Jen brings in a friend to co-host, which is MUCH better!)


That’s it for now.  Have a great weekend!!

  • Nancy Scoper

    Talbots isn’t ALL that bad IF one has a good eye …..
    Over 55and excited about it !
    Nancy Scoper
    Elizabeth ….you are awesome and I detest that word .

    • Elizabeth Williams

      You are right–Talbots can have some FINDS!! I have a dress and some flats I LOVE, I’m just not ready to FULLY cross over–haha! xoxo