Friday Favorites: 10.2.15

Happy Friday!!  Today, on October 2, 2015, I’ve decided to pop back on my blog after an incredibly long hiatus.  Almost exactly six months.  So why don’t we pick-up with a few favorites!?

We’ve been living in a cloud of wind, rain, storms and a potential hurricane in the distance and I’ve decided there’s no time like the present to share some of my latest favorites.  So here’s what I’ve been LOVING lately!


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If you’ve seen me in the past month, chances are, I’ve told you about this.  Voxer is basically voice texting and it’s revolutionized the way I communicate.  Unlike texting or email, you can “vox” while you’re driving, cooking dinner, or playing on the floor with your kids and you can also do group “vox-ing” and talk to multiple people at once.  I’m in a group “vox” with best friends from college and it’s been amazing to stay connected to them throughout the week.  Our conversations range anywhere from life’s affordable luxuries, at what point to children need to stop wearing smocked clothes, essential fall wardrobe staples to the heavier and more difficult parts of life.  I love it because rather than just reading words, you can hear their voice–it’s been the BEST!  Anna Kate wrote about it, too!


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For the Love

Jen Hatmaker’s newest book, For the Love, has been a game changer for me.  I seriously can’t get enough of this book.  It’s as if I’m sitting down to coffee with a 40-year-old mentor and she’s imparting all of her wisdom to me on life, motherhood, parenting, faith, and REALLY important things like wearing a shirt that covers everything that needs covering when wearing leggings!  Preach!


Screen shot 2015-10-02 at 3.28.31 PM


Full Circle Dish Brush

I recently decided to treat myself to a “fancy” new dish brush.  Y’all, I had NO idea how much something SO simple could make me SO happy.  Not only does it look prettier than your typical $2 Wal-Mart dish brush, but the handle is smooth and sturdy and has made washing dishes so much more delightful.  I’m seriously happier each time I have to scrub a pot!  Sometimes the simplest pleasures can best the BEST!  Get your very own brush here.


The Intern

Screen shot 2015-10-02 at 3.39.20 PM

I came across the trailer for The Intern on Lincee’s blog and knew it was RIGHT up my alley.  I’ve only seen four movies since Bear was born over 2.5 years ago, but I KNEW I needed to prioritize seeing this.  It’s directed by Nancy Meyers, who I have loved ever since Father of the Bride.  You will laugh, you may cry, you will be jealous of Anne Hathaway’s closet (see red dress above!), you will fall in love with Robert DiNero, and you will long for the days when all men shaved every day, wore ties, and carried handkerchiefs.  Read Lincee’s review here.  I promise, you will NOT be sorry you saw this movie.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen such a feel-good movie!!  Definitely a must-see!!  Check out the trailer below:



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