True confession: there are some days where my desire to have five blog posts each week trumps my desire to actually get my head and my heart into the presence and word of God.  The ironic thing is that without actually taking the time to spend with God, I have nothing to say.

This morning, I was faced with that predicament and feeling that blogging was more important since I didn’t post yesterday.  Almost instantly, I felt God whisper, “what about me?”

How quickly I forget.

And so I sat in stillness for ten minutes.  I didn’t read, I didn’t write, I just sat and I prayed, “Lord, draw me closer.”  And in those ten minutes, I felt God draw me in, refresh me, and restore me.  I felt consumed by His love for me and His desire to have all of me.  I was reminded once again that though I may wander, and my mind is rattling off a 100 item to-do list throughout the day, there is nothing of greater value to me than sitting in the presence of God and knowing Him more deeply.   

Something I’ve been clinging to lately is the consistency and stability of our God.  (more on that here)  Everything may be changing around us, our world may seem like it’s spinning out of control, but our God remains.  He remains, and each day, He is our ultimate source and provider, no matter how many times we need to be reminded.

So today, if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, busy, or distracted I challenge you to pause.  Even for five minutes, take time to be still and meet with God and allow Him to sustain you.

Here’s a great verse to get you started.  This week, I’ve been reading it like ten times a day.  I can’t get enough!  He is our constant source of stabilitylove, love, love it!    

“He is your constant source of stability; 
He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom; 
He gives all this to those who fear Him.” 
Isaiah 33:6 NET  
He will be the sure foundation for your times,
       a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge;
       the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure.
Isaiah 33:6 (NIV)