Forget Not

I hope everyone had a joyful Christmas day! I feel ridiculously blessed to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Scott’s parents’ home in Utah. The picturesque view of snow-capped mountains from their living room does an excellent job of fostering a spirit of gratitude and awe of our Savior! Glory to God in the highest!

I am pumped to announce that today we have another guest post from an amazing señorita: Jennifer Lea Sorenson, a proud Indiana Hoosier who has lived all over the world serving God. Jenn and I lived together for a year in Buenos Aires when we both taught at an international Christian school and, between moving from Argentina to Suriname, she stopped by Virginia to be a bridesmaid at my wedding. She now lives in Kenya teaching Spanish at West Nairobi School (see pic below of one of her classes on “Pirate” Spirit Day). She is currently spending the holidays in South Africa with her family that moved there in 2007 to serve as missionaries. Not only is her life fabulously exciting, but I am constantly amazed and encouraged by her faith and profound commitment to live for Jesus. Take it away, Jenn!

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I’m a pretty independent person. I attribute this mostly to my amazing mother. While this is often looked on as a very positive thing, particularly in American culture, spiritually this is KILLER. So, since God knows me well and that this is something I need a little work on, He sent me to Africa as a missionary which is practically impossible in every way without a lot of outside help.

For the first time I found myself raising monthly financial support (scary and humbling!) and asking TONS of questions about how to survive (What kind of water filter do I buy? Where can I safely get shots against Typhoid? What should/shouldn’t I eat at a restaurant so that my stomach doesn’t revolt? What do I do if the shady police pull me over? etc.). This semester has been a difficult but good growing season.

One of my favorite Psalms says:

Bless the LORD, O my soul, 
And forget none of His benefits
Who pardons all your iniquities, 
Who heals all your diseases; 
Who redeems your life from the pit, 
Who crowns you with loving-kindness and compassion; 
Who satisfies your years with good things, 
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

I love this because we forget so easily all that God has done for us. We need this reminder to REMEMBER and be grateful for His blessings especially when we get distracted by the the crazy, negative things that just don’t seem to go our way. Hope and peace are restored when you remember how God has always sustained and guided you in the past.

Living on the equator can confuse the senses, and it’s really easy to forget that seasons even exist. The Christmas Season is everywhere though. Whether there is snow and turkey or not, Christmas is an annual reminder of  God’s provision for us. Even before we knew we needed a Savior, He sent His Son to “redeem our lives from the pit.”

Stop to remember and trust in the goodness of the Lord!

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