Fighting The Giant

Originally Posted April 5th, 2011

There is so much I love about David.  He’s such a great person to read about in the Bible because he is one who did a lot of things right, but he also made a lot of mistakes (hello Bathsheba).  Today, I want to look at a classic story, that many of us have heard since we were young.  David and Goliath.

We’ve all know the story…young shepherd boy, comes across the angry, mean giant Goliath.  If I were a betting man back then, I’d say the odds were in Goliath’s favor about 1000:1.  But David wasn’t afraid, because God had prepared him, equipped him, and was with him.  On a practical level, there are some great truths found within 1 Samuel 17 to the help us face our own Goliaths:  

God strengthened David through his past experiences to prepare him for the present.  When David comes to tell Saul he’s ready and willing to fight, Saul thinks he’s way too young.  But David says, as a shepherd he’s killed both a lion and a bear.  (Maybe it’s just me, but I always think shepherd boys get a bad wrap, as being small, simple, and young; who knew they killed lions and bears?)      

David stayed true to who he was.  When he approached Saul about wanting to fight Goliath, Saul tried to load him up with all of his fancy armor, but David pretty much said, thanks but no thanks, saying, “I cannot go in these…I’m not used to them.”  (1 Samuel 17:39)

David used what was in his hand.  He didn’t need a fancy sword, or expensive armor, David relied on what God had given him in the past: a slingshot and a few smooth stones.  I’ve referenced this before, but at a recent women’s conference the speaker said, “Never despise the nothing in your hand.  It’s amazing what God can do with nothing.”  David made it work.        

David measured the size of his obstacle against the size of his God.  This is taken straight from Beth Moore’s David: 90 Days With A Heart Like His.  In it, she says,

“We tend to measure our obstacles against the size of our own strength.  We often feel overwhelmed and defeated before the battle begins.  I am not suggesting that if we measure our obstacles against God our battles will be effortless.  David still had to face his giant obstacle and use the strength he possessed, but his confidence in God caused a simple pebble to hit like a boulder…We’re often intimidated in battle because we are uncertain of our faith.  But we must remember we don’t stand in victory because of our faith.  We stand in victory because of our God.  Faith in faith is pointless, but faith in a living, active God moves mountains.”

It’s so easy to look at the obstacles we face in life and feel completely helpless, but don’t forget who is on your side.  One who is living, active, and victorious.  One who says to us, “I will fight for you”  (Exodus 14:14).


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