Elizabeth Robertson Williams Welcome! I’m Elizabeth—a thirty-two-year-old, Virginia girl passionate about my faith, my family, and my friends. I’m a lover of strong coffee, power walking, pretty much anything with bows, and what some might refer to as “bad TV.” (Note: if you’ve been known to watch The Bachelor, Hart of Dixie, or Drop Dead Diva, consider yourself a friend!)

My favorite sport is bargain shopping—TJ Maxx is my home away from home. Where else can you find running socks, a cookie sheet, and a designer handbag all at discounted prices?!

I love to cook—Ina Garten and The Pioneer Woman are my heroes—not once have they ever steered me wrong. (Check out some of my favorite recipes here). I’m a recovering “messaholic” who struggles daily to bring order to my life. Over the past ten years, I have moved seven times to three different cities, changed jobs, gotten married, and given birth to a baby boy (now 3) and a baby girl (now 1). In the midst of all the transition, somewhere along the way, I discovered that I love taking everyday life and using it to equip women with a dose of faith, purpose, and truth.

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I write about God. I write about life. I write about work, and marriage, and babies (oh, my!) And along the way, I throw a touch of the unexpected into the mix—you know, the really important things like online sales, Princess Kate, and must-have cosmetics.
My prayer is that in the craziness that is life, this can be a quick stop where you can pop in, refuel, and go about your day a little more encouraged than when you came.

Life is busy and I know your time is incredibly valuable. It means SO much to me that you would spend a little of it with me.