I mentioned on Monday that over the weekend, we popped down to Dallas for a wedding.  It was a fabulous weekend, but our flights reinforced the fact that I most certainly don’t enjoy flying.  I don’t mind the actual flight, but the lines, the security, the liquids, and the crowds overwhelm me.  

Additionally, I refuse to check baggage.  A scarring experience five years ago where my checked bag was torn to shreds, combined with the unnecessary baggage fees, have resulted in my becoming a dedicated carry-on girl.  
I have a suitcase that while technically is beyond the limits for checked bags, still manages to squeeze into the overhead compartment up above.  Several times, I’ve been forced to gate check it, but here’s a tip: if you get your bag to the gate, there’s no charge.  
The thing is, with space so limited now, I have to be ruthless to claim my spot; standing up early ready to be first in line when my group is called and eager to claim the overhead space.  Sunday, after calling first class passengers, they then opened up boarding to the entire plane (something I’ve never seen before).  I saw a new lane opening up and I bolted, leaving B completely behind.  When overhead storage space is at stake, one would be wise to get out of my way.  (Don’t worry, B still made the flight!)  
Monday, I was thinking about my zealousness for overhead storage and I wondered what my faith would like if I was that eager, aggressive, and passionate about seeking out God.  
Fast forward to last night when I attended a Beth Moore Bible study.  Most of you know that I love and adore Beth, but it’s been a while since I’ve enrolled in one of her studies.  Ya’ll, this woman loves Jesus.  
To be honest, I wasn’t completely enthused about going.  I didn’t know anyone, I was feeling pretty sick, and with traffic, the church was 45 minutes away.  But by a small miracle from God, I actually made it in the car and to the church.  
When I settled into my seat as the video played, I wanted to cry as I saw Beth take the stage, because my heart was so hungry and I felt so grateful to be able to sit and listen to a woman who is more passionate about God and knowing and understanding His word, than I will ever be about ensuring my bag is properly secured above me before takeoff.  
Her passion and enthusiasm about the things of God is contagious.  As I watched for an hour, I felt as though God was using her energy and hunger to resuscitate my weary heart and breathe new life into it.
There are several people God has put in my life that without even knowing or trying, just by being with them, I walk away longing for more of God’s presence in my own life.  If you, like me, have found yourself weary, tired, and spiritually dry recently, find someone who is wholeheartedly going after the things of God and sit in their presence.   It could be over coffee, a walk, a book, or even through the TV screen; just make some time to be with them and let their passion and love for God wear off on you.
I love that when we’re too weak to move forward and lagging behind, God can put people in our lives who are going for it to encourage us to keep moving forward as well.  How beautiful!

“This is my prayer: that your love