Comfort vs. Calling

Two weeks ago at work, I was fortunate enough to become the recipient of a brand new laptop.  This is an amazing treat for several reasons, one being that it would typically take about 10 minutes each day to load my former computer and then had to re-boot approximately 4-5 times each day.   So that’s about 40-50 minutes each day where I was sitting around trying to restart my computer.  Not exactly the most efficient, reliable machine. 

Those of you who have ever gotten a new computer or operating system know that even if your old computer is on the fritz, it takes a while to adjust to your new machine.  Now, each time I try to delete something, I inevitably hit “num lock” instead and my hands are trained to begin typing in a different postiion, so my “home keys” are all off whenever I start a new document.

I’m still learning new buttons, clicks, and tricks, and attempting to adjust to the new look, but I know that ultimately, this computer will most certainly become much better than my old computer. Adjustment periods and change aren’t always comfortable, but in a situation like this, the end result is worth it.  Each week gets easier and in a few weeks, I will comfortably be able to navigate a faster, more advanced computer and operating system.

That same week, I heard a wonderful talk by Beth Moore where she said, “We will miss the greatest adventures of our calling if we remained compelled by comfort….God is so much more interested in our calling than our comfort.” 

It would be easy for me to say, “no thank you, I’ll take the slow, pokey, dying computer, because that’s what I’m comfortable with”, but I would be missing out.  Or I could decide after giving it a try, that  I didn’t want the adjustment period and run back to what’s familiar, but again, I would be missing out.

Similarly, there are times in our lives when God might be calling us into a new season that isn’t familiar, comfortable, or easy, but when we choose to follow our calling over our comfort, we open ourselves up to experiencing an incredible adventure and fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

Me of all people, will tell you that I LOVE my comfortI live for stability, comfort, and ease.  But sometimes, there are those nudges…nudges that we wouldn’t typically be telling ourselves…try out for varsity field hockey…apply to lead a missions trip to Sri Lanka…start a blog…things in my life that certainly weren’t comfortable for me at the time, but without question, turned into fabulous adventures with my God.

Sometimes it’s okay to be a little uncomfortable and when God is calling you, it is always, always, always worth it!!