Christmas Party Ideas

I know we’ve got just one week until Christmas and things can tend to get crazy, but who says you can’t squeeze in one or two more soirees?  Last week in Charlottesville was delightful and there are two fun Christmas ideas I just had to share:

1.  A Favorite Things Party!  

Inspired by Nester’s post here, my friend Catherine came up with the idea to pull together a Favorite Things Party before we all parted ways.  There were 8 of us total and each one of us picked out our favorite thing under $5 and brought one for each of us!  The result?  We all went home with candles, votives, moleskin notebooks, fancy hair things, a cactus, and several frozen yogurt gift cards!  (Great minds think alike!)  Think Oprah, but better!! 

Although we centered ours around Christmas, you can have a favorite things party any day of the year.  In our case, we’ve decided to make it a quarterly event, because it’s just too fun to only do once a year!

Our hostess with the mostest, Catherine, added cranberries to our wine glasses for a festive touch!
Cactus plants lined up to go home.

Mae Mae, Catherine & Molly with a few favorites.

More favorite things with Sallie!

Thanks to Molly’s iPhone for the pics!!  

2.  Wreath Making Party!

After I caught a slight craft bug thanks to Carrie, I shared my newest wreath making hobby with my friend Abby who had recently stumbled upon another fabulous wreath idea.  I’ve quickly learned that crafts are just another excuse for a party, so a few of us got together to make these fabulous ribbon wreaths. 

Virginia showing off her fabulous wreath!

Our hostess Abby with her finished product!

If I can do it, anyone can!  It’s super easy, fun, and relaxing.  We each had wreath frames and lots of red, green, gold, and plaid ribbon wire ribbon.  We cut about 6″ pieces and tied them in knots until it was full all the way around.  You can really use any ribbon, but the wire was good, because we could scrunch it up at the end to make it a bit more full.

We also did a ribbon wreath encore at our Bible study using wire hangers for the wreath frame (just undo it and shape it into a circle) and lots and lots of sparkle ribbon.  I had so much fun, I forgot to take pictures! 

Click here for a full tutorial.  

Lots of places are putting their ribbon on sale right now and if you’re head to Michaels, you can always print off a coupon for 20-50% off something on your computer, so you might want do a little google search before you head out.

Hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I have!  Both are fun, easy ideas to throw together with your Bible study, book club, neighbors, or old high school friends home for Christmas. 

Merry, Merry!!!! 


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