Christmas Crafts: DIY Wreath

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited to feature today’s post from Carrie at The Yuill Log.  Basically, I want to be hershe makes crafting look easy and attainable!  She’s the one who inspired the fall wreath I made a few weeks ago, that I have since turned into a Christmas wreath.  She is incredibly talented and I’m so grateful she’s sharing her talents with us today!  Here’s Carrie! 
Hello, Long to Love readers!  Carrie from The Yuill Log here.  I was absolutely flattered when Elizabeth asked me to be a guest blogger on her site this week.  Knowing that my forte is DIY projects, she asked that I share a Christmas craft with you.  It could not have come at a better time because Wednesday night I hosted a girls craft/wine night at my house.

While I do a lot of projects on my own, it is so much fun crafting together especially around the holidays – I highly recommend it!  An easy, creative, and inexpensive group project is to make Christmas wreaths out of greens found right in your backyard.  Below I will provide you with a quick guide to creating your very own fresh and fabulous Christmas wreath to add to your holiday decor.

Below are the materials you will need. 

Let’s get started:
 Here are some pics from the night.  A few things to note:
1. Use your resources – all the greens came from my yard or surrounding yards, yes I’m sure a few of my neighbors saw me foraging on the empty lot down the street with the HUGE magnolia tree!  
2. Depending on how you space your magnolia leaves, it usually takes about 25 leaves to make it all the way around the form.
3.  Make sure you keep all of your greens in water until it’s time to use them or else they will dry out.
4.  Use a table cloth and forget vacuuming before your guests arrive; this project makes a mess.
5. If you choose to add oyster shells you will need a small drill – yes, ladies you can figure out how to work the drill – it’s easy!
6. While I made suggestions of greens to use, anything goes – get creative.  I will say, most of the greens we used were very easy to work with in terms of pliability.  Also, try spray painting the dogwood branches – looks very festive!
7. When you are finished spray your wreath with the leaf shine spray to make it glisten. 
8. Magnolia leaves dry out when placed in direct sunlight, keep this in mind as you display your wreath. 
9. Our wreaths are were more flat, if you want a fuller look, check out Southern Living’s guide to creating a Magnolia wreath.

Happy Holidays, Happy Crafting and may you have a blessed new year!
XO Carrie

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