Changing The Little Story

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Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We were on the Eastern Shore with B’s family.  Little B is the youngest of 5 grandsons under 5 and we were all together under one roof–it was wonderful! It also gave me a tiny glimpse of my future with boys and I must say, I think I need to start my endurance training now–boys are busy!

Yesterday, in a rare moment of peace, I had the chance to sit down at the table, drink a cup of coffee, and read the New York Times.  Something that happens maybe once every two years.  It was delightful.  With most of my news celebrity gossip ingested online, I forgot how fun it is to sit down with a paper and peruse all the articles and insights; to pick and choose what you want to read and what you don’t.

I got to thinking about how nice it would be if rather than starting conversations with, “I read on TMZ that (insert mindless celebrity gossip here)…” starting with, “Did you see that Op-Ed in the Times on (insert something intelligent, thought provoking, and insightful)…

Last Friday, I linked up to a great piece from Shauna Niequist on Changing Your Story.  Shauna is referring to a bigger, life story, than simply what news you read, but it’s gotten me to thinking: Can you really change the things you don’t like about yourself?  Or, can you change the labels that have been stuck on you so long, you’re not quite sure where to begin peeling them off?

On the surface, I here are just a few of the things I’m not the biggest fan of in my own life:

I can name the members of Kardashian family faster than I can name the Supreme Court Justices.

I daily consume bowls of ice cream as opposed to bags of Kale.

Most days, surfing the web is the closest thing I get to exercise…(that totally counts, right?!)

Instead of actually cleaning my house and putting things where they belong, I create new piles, and then stuff them under my bed before company comes over.

All of these are just bad habits; things that I wished were different in my life.  I know I can’t change them over night, but who says I should simply accept them?

It’s not the bigger story Shauna was referring to, but this week, I’m starting with the little one.  So next Monday, instead of starting off the week with, “Did you hear Kim Kardashian is having a baby girl?”  I can say something smart and witty like, “Did you read David Brooks’ latest piece in The Times?”

Is there a story, big or small, that you want to change about yourself?  Why not start today!?