Do you want to know one thing I love about the Lord?  I love that no matter what we’re going through–our pain, our losses, and our heartbreaks matter to Him–no matter how big or small.

Depending on what we’re facing, there could be a temptation to think, “Oh God, this is too big, even for you, I don’t want to drag you into this…”

Or alternatively, we might think, “God, this is really not a big deal.  I can handle it…”

The beautiful thing is, God sees our hearts and he knows and understands our hurts, our trials, and our suffering–when it comes to the God of the Universe, there’s nothing too big or too small.

And what does He tell us to do with them?  He says, “Bring it on!”  Whatever burden you may be bearing, He says, cast it on Him:

Cast your cares on the Lord
    and he will sustain you.
Psalm 55:22 
Or as the Amplified version says, “Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you.”
Is something in your life weighing you down?  Do you know you can release its weight onto the mighty shoulders of our God?
There’s a song that I’ve loved for a long time by Amy Grant (can you ever really go wrong with Amy?!) but I especially love it when I feel weighed down, weak or overwhelmed.   
The lyrics say, “Lay down your burdens, I will carry you…” 

No matter what is weighing us down right now, we don’t have to bear these burdens alone.  Lay them down and allow God to carry you through.  

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