Bringing Me Back

When it comes to writing about my faith on a regular basis, there are times when I think God looks at me and lovingly laughs…it doesn’t take long after I hit “publish” for me to pretty much forget what I had just said and run in the opposite direction.  I mean well, but so often, I miss the mark.  But God, so gracious and loving is He, that He always brings me back into His fold. 

Last Tuesday, when I wrote about my anniversary and how our husbands weren’t meant to complete us, I was actually in Norfolk for work, so we didn’t really get to celebrate…we celebrated Sunday, which I thought would be more than okay, but very unexpectedly, on Tuesday I found myself emotional, hormonal, tired and missing Bernie.  

Typically on these days, I can’t wait to run home and have him cook me a delicious meal, hold me, and let me watch a chick flick…yes, sometimes he caves.  When I realized that wasn’t even an option, my heart sank.  Driving home to my parents, I was teary and mopey, and I felt God very lovingly whisper, “Do you even remember what you wrote this morning?  Let Me nourish you.  Let Me hold You.  Let Me sustain you.  I am the One who completes you.”     

How soon I forget!

But even when I forget His Truth time and time again, I feel so loved by a God who comes back time and time again to remind me that He will always be enough.  He alone is my portion.  My heart may easily wander, but there is truly nothing more desirable on earth than our glorious God.  

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And I have no delight or desire on earth besides You.  My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and firm Strength of my heart and my Portion forever.”
Psalm 73:25-26 (AMP)