Bringing God Into Your Ordinary


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It’s not secret, we’re in the middle of a move.  Well, the technically move has been completed (unless you count the boxes I’ve hidden in various corners around my parents’ house–shhhhh!), now we’re just figuring out how to live on the other side of things while we paint walls, change wall fixtures, unpack, and settle into our new home.

This season has been anything but peaceful, but in the midst of it, a funny thing has transpired–my hunger and thirst for God has continued to grow–probably because I’m even more desperate for Him to help me carry me through each day between mothering, moving, and working.  Little by little, I’m discovering that I can’t do it without Him.

But my time with Him isn’t what you may think.  When I think about spending time with God, it’s when the stage is set perfectly–a quiet, uninterrupted 30-45 minutes, first thing in the morning; snuggly wrapped in my favorite bathrobe; a fresh cup of coffee’ a beautiful setting; a great devotional to dive into; a candle burning; and soft worship music wafting in the distance–a beautiful thought, yet SO much more difficult to recreate.

And so, when life is such that I can’t carve out “the perfect time,” I’m learning to bring God into my life and allow Him to meet me right where I am–in the midst of the mess, the chaos, the disorder, the mundane.

I’m trying to steal little snacks throughout the day that can quiet my heart and draw me closer to Him.

It’s nothing incredibly deep, just an increasing awareness that walking with God doesn’t need to only be when we can set aside the “perfect time,” one that for me is few and far between.  He is willing and able to meet us wherever we are–driving in the car, folding laundry, washing dishes, unpacking boxes, hopping on a conference call, studying for a final–He’s there.

All we have to do is look up and bring Him into our midst.

And so, I’m trying to steal moments with God wherever I can get them and have my eyes opened up wide enough to see where He’s moving.  Below are just a few ways lately, I’ve been experiencing God in the midst of my day-to-day:

…quickly reading Jesus Calling

…discovering this incredible international version of Chris Tomlin’s “How Great Is Our God” while driving to the grocery store and pausing just to say, “God, you are SO great!’

…a friend dropping off flowers in the midst of our mess.  An incredible way to bring in God’s beauty into a home that’s not quite finished, but a fun reminder of His beauty and love wherever we are.

…pausing to thank God for my two favorite boys while I drive and they both sleep soundly on our recent road trip.

…thanking God for His many blessings and listing them out in the midst of doing yard work.

…celebrating with friends over answered prayers.

…praying while I walk around the neighborhood.  (More on Walking with God here)

…enjoying the “Happy Chaos” that is my life.  For instance, when Little B mysteriously removed his diaper and tinkled on the kitchen floor, seconds before we were about to leave for the 4th of July weekend, I laughed it off, grabbed some paper towels, and thank God it happened before we got him into his car seat…Happy Chaos!

There are so many ways to experience God in the midst of the day-to-day and ordinary.  When we wait for “the perfect” time, we miss out on SO much God is trying to show us!

How have you brought God into your “ordinary” lately?

One friend who has been a HUGE encouragement to me in this is Sara Hagerty at Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet.  If you need a way to bring God in, check our her monthly adoration pages here, or read her background on Adoration here.  I LOVE how she explains it, “Adoration: Inhaling His Word and Exhaling His Praise.”  The BEST way to follow her Adoration is on Instagram, where she posts the daily Adoration with the verse.  Follow her here.