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You always hear about “the change” that women go through as they near sixty, but at the ripe old age of 30, I have concluded that change has nothing on the crazy transition of your twenties. When your heart longs for stability, you find yourself quickly moving from one major milestone to the next. And just when you finally start to feel comfortable, it’s time to move right along to the next stage—for some, degrees are earned, jobs are secured, husbands are found, and babies are made—talk about a lot of transition for one woman to handle!

As a young twenty-something, I found myself lost, confused, and completely overwhelmed.

The Roaring 20s is the survival manual I wish I had to guide me through the robust transitions that are your twenties. Filled with tips and ideas on handling things like relationships, careers, money, friends, and parents, The Roaring 20s is designed to help you successfully make it through to the other side while assuring you that even when it seems like nearly every aspect of your life is in flux, you are not alone. You have a God who is constant, steady, and secure amidst all the uncertainty; One who leads you, guides you, and assures you, “Do not fear; I. will help you” (Isaiah 41:13).