Before & After

This weekend, my precious cell phone saw her final days.  My little family of two has vowed never again to mention the details that led to her demise as both Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams have quite different accounts of that fateful day. One fact that is certain: once she took a plunge into a cup of water, both witnesses rushed to the scene of the accident to try to resuscitate her.

Those of you who have lost a cell phone know, reviving a phone after a bout with water damage is a process.  First you take out the battery, then you open the phone up so all the parts can be exposed and you place it in the sunlight.     

Two hours later, I just couldn’t take it any longer…did it work?  I put all the pieces together and held my breath as I pressed power.  Moments later, I saw a light and knew she had pulled though.  (I mean, if she can make it through being fully submerged in a vat of yellow paint, she can make it through anything!)

We were rolling…until I plugged her into her charger.  Apparently, when helping an innocent cell phone recover from a water accident, that’s a big no, no.  Minutes later, she was fried, never to be turned on again.

Still I tried to put her pieces in the sunlight, then we relied on the ever trusted “bag of rice” trick, but the next morning, she still couldn’t pull through my electronic mistake.  Rest in peace cell phone, you served me well.

A cautionary tale for those of you who may find yourself in a similar situation.  Yes, cell phones can bounce back from full submersion in water.  I’ve seen phones make miraculous recoveries from the most perilous situations, but it’s a process.  You can’t rush it. 

Similarly, there are times in our lives, where God may be doing a work in our lives, that’s more of a process than an instant reveal.  One we shouldn’t rush, even though it is incredibly tempting.   

I love a good makeover show as much at the next girl, but wouldn’t it be nice to just skip the 20 minutes of the show that shows the process and go straight from “before” to “after”?  I mean, who really cares how they did their hair, or picked their outfit?  I just want to see the finished product!  But as Clinton and Stacy will tell you, without the process, not only is there no show, but there’s no “after”.

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God, wants to take us from “before” to “after”, but to get there, we can’t skip the process.  Ephesians 2:10 says, “we are God’s masterpiece” (NLT).  He formed us, created us, and slowly but surely, He is perfecting and shaping us to be the woman He has designed us to be, but we can’t skip the process.  It’s in the process that we are shaped, refined, and strengthened.  The process makes the “after” so rewarding because not only have we seen the process, we’ve lived it.


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