Back to Basics

First things first: today, August 16th, 2011 marks the 21st birthday of my favorite youngest sister, Abigail!!  I wrote a little bit about just how much I love Abby here, but seriously, there aren’t enough blog posts in the world for me to begin to fully cover just how amazing this girl is.  She is kind, serving, generous, hilarious, zealous, faithful, and SO, SO, SO much fun!!  Happy, happy birthday Abby!!!!  I love you!    

Back to the blog…

I’m always wary of posting any kind of challenge on Long To Love, because I never want it to seem like our faith needs to be based off of a certain “to-do list”, or worse, I never want to appear like I’m already doing these things and you should do them too…

A little example from yesterday: on the day I was aiming to “crank up the heat” with my faith, I elected to forgo a window of time I had set aside for reading my devotional and praying to watch “Bachelor Pad” because I was intrigued by how Jake and Vienna were going to handle facing each other once again after their horrific breakup and fight on national TV.  These are important issues, you know!

Thankfully, I may have gone to bed feeling like I failed, but this morning is a new day and God, in His tender mercy, freely gives us more grace

I may not have gotten my devotions in as I’d hoped, but I did spend a lot of time throughout the day thinking through what it means to move from lukewarm to hot in our faith.  Where does that start, and how do I begin?  While walking our dog, Neely, I felt a little whisper to my heart that said, “It starts the same way your blog began…by loving Me.”

For those of you who may be new to Long to Love, when we originally began the blog, the main purpose was to bring women together for six months to pray each day for hearts that were completely head over heels in love with our God.  Specifically, to pray every day to love the Lord more than we pray to breathe our next breath.  

This prayer has been so impactful to my faith over the past three years, but I’ll be honest with you, I’ve let it slip.  Yesterday, it was so good to be reminded of just how much God wants my heart, but in terms of a fully devoted heart, I have a ways to go.  


I’m not really a planner…it’s hard for me to stay organized, keep up with my to-do list, or even schedule things beyond tomorrow, but one prayer a day, I hope I can handle.  Here’s the original prayer from way back when, I’d love for you to pray it with me! 

Lord, for six months, may I seek to learn what it means to love you.  I want to love your word, your voice, your presence, your laws, your discipline, your powerI want to love and cherish every part of who you are.  Lord, may I wait expectantly as you begin to transform my life by my willingness to wholeheartedly seek to love you with an unabandoned love.