And We’re Back!

Welcome to “Long to Love”, formerly All You Need Is Love. I decided that since I am adjusting to my new last name, I might as well change the name/domain of my blog too!

It has been over three months since I’ve posted. As most of you recall, in early August we had just finished up six months of praying daily to love the Lord more and more. Each day, waking up and saying, “Lord more than anything else in this world, I just want to love You!” During that time, my heart was awakened to see the incredible, unconditional love that the Lord showers on us daily. As I continued to pray, I was blown away by His constant, faithful love.

Now, three months later, as I’m beginning to settle into life as a newlywed, I have become keenly aware of my intense need for the Lord. It can be so easy to assume that marriage is the key to our “happily ever after. “ So many times, I fantasized that once I got married, my problems would be solved; I would be continually cared for and doted on; and my life would be essentially perfect. Don’t misunderstand, being married has been an extreme joy; I’ve never dreamed it could be this incredible and I am so grateful to the Lord for Bernie. At the same time, I can’t replace my need for the Lord with my need for Bernie. Married or not, I am still desperate for the Lord’s hand in my life. As much as I love Bernie, the Lord is the one who needs to be my heart’s number one desire.

As happy as I have been these past few months, I must confess that part of me has felt detached from the Lord. In my quest to find my happily ever after, I have neglected to seek after Him. Recently I have felt the Lord calling me to increase my longing for Him.

I know that as a Christian, we definitely weather storms throughout our faith, but I would love for my passion for the Lord to be so engrained in my heart that need for Him won’t be circumstantial. I don’t just want a heart that longs for the Lord, I need my heart to long for the Lord. He truly is everything and it’s amazing how quickly I can forget that.

I have missed the fellowship that this blog provided me for six months. I have missed walking daily alongside people who desire more of God and learning together what that looks like. My hope and prayer is that this will be a place where we can grow together as we continue to long for more of the Lord.