Abide Part 2

“As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.”
John 15:9 (NKJV)

Yesterday, we looked at just how strongly and deeply we are loved in Christ.  So much so, that His love for us mirrors the same love and devotion that God has for His precious Son.

Today, I want to look at the second part of the sentence where Jesus urges us to abide in His love.  Here, we see Jesus depicting His unfathomable love for us and uses it to draw us in and invites us to dwell, remain, and hold fast to His perfect love.  
But just like any love, true love requires sacrifice.  We see it in the way God loved His Son, yet sent Him to die, and in the way Jesus loved us by dying for us.  To abide in Christ’s love requires sacrifice as well.  
Andrew Murray author of Abide in Christ explains, “Love gives all, but asks all.  It does so, not because it grudges us anything, but because without this it cannot get possession of us to fill us with itself.”  

He continues to explain that this sacrifice is not so we can suffer or lack anything, rather “the love that calls us has infinite riches and fullness of joy for us, and that what we give up for its sake will be rewarded a hundredfold in this life…it is a love with a height and a depth and a length and a breadth that passes knowledge!”

If we truly begin to grasp that, “how all thought of sacrifice or surrender would pass away, and our souls be filled with wonder at the unspeakable privilege of being loved with such a love, of being allowed to come and abide in it forever.”

To abide in Christ’s love will require sacrifice.  It will require giving things up, loving things less, and making Him your heart and soul’s number one priority.  But it is so worth itThe Bible says that we can’t even conceive what God has prepared for those who love Him! 

Abiding in Christ’s love isn’t something forced upon us, rather it’s choosing to willingly surrender your heart and recognize His infinite love for you.   To boldly and freely declare, “Lord Jesus Christ!  Here I am.  From now on, Your love will be the only home of my soul; in Your love alone will I abide.  I can trust You.  I do trust You.  Keep me abiding in You.”